7 Mistakes A Bride Makes During Her Wedding Week

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Your wedding week is here, and you’ve probably spent months planning everything from the venue and reception to what accessories you will wear with your wedding dress. Everything seems all set, but is there anything you are missing?

You’ve always dreamt of the perfect wedding, so we want to make sure you have that dreamlike day by avoiding common, last minute mistakes. Here are seven mistakes a bride can make during her wedding week.

1. Forgetting About Your Fiancé

The most important thing you should remember throughout wedding planning and especially during wedding week is the true reason for all the hustle and bustle - entering into a lifetime commitment of marriage with your spouse. It is all too easy to get caught up putting out small fires and getting stressed by so many little decisions that you forget about your fiancé.

Purposely schedule time to have at least one date night during wedding week, not to mention some pre-wedding intimacy to help reduce stress levels. Communication about the wedding itself, feelings about getting married and what’s going on with him in general is also essential.

2. Not Getting Enough Beauty Sleep

As challenging as it may be to relax and allow yourself some much needed rest, getting your beauty sleep is a must. Without sleep, you could wind up exhausted with poor concentration and increased irritability in response to pre-wedding stressors.

Plus, with adequate sleep you will preserve your pre-wedding glow so you are bright and refreshed when you walk down the aisle. See this ultimate wedding week sleep guide to ensure you are your most beautiful inside and out when you stand in front of your fiancé and say, ‘I do.’

3. Under Budgeting

Weddings are a multi-billion-dollar national industry, and the costs add up quickly. Don’t be surprised that when you say ‘wedding’ to a potential vendor, the costs suddenly get marked up. With that said, it is important that you allot at least 10 percent for unforeseen costs that can creep up during wedding week.

Not only will your wedding almost always end up being more expensive than you thought, but last minute forgotten expenses that didn’t make it into your budget spreadsheet will come out of nowhere and you need to be able to pay them.

4. Not Setting Priorities

As part of budgeting, don’t spend so much money up front picking out your top choices for each wedding feature, that you don’t have the money for some of your top last-minute choices as well. If you choose the most expensive options for early line items on your budget, then you will probably have to skimp on choices that come later.

For example, are embossed, top of the line invitations addressed by a calligrapher more important than having those imported flowers you love as part of your bouquet? Are you willing to scale back on your ideal wedding cake so you can have the table decor for your reception that you saw in that magazine?

5.Ordering Your Dress a Size Too Small

There is a lot of pressure to be your best size ever on your wedding day, where you want to look your most beautiful for your fiancé and also for your photos. With that said, it is better not to order a dress smaller than what you currently fit into, even if you are trying on the dress months in advance.

A good seamstress can take in the dress as much as you need, but only so much can be done to make a dress larger than when it was originally purchased. The worst is to try on your dress wedding week, and it doesn’t fit comfortably in a way that is flattering. Save yourself from a situation like this and purchase a dress that fits you when you purchase it.

6. Not Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

It is very important to hire a day-of wedding coordinator or wedding planner. A wedding coordinator organizes the day and ensures that your wedding and its sequence of events run smoothly and according to plan.

So many details need to be taken care of on your special day, that you need a coordinator to take the burden off your shoulders. Be a bride who is only focused on marrying her fiancé and enjoys being surrounded by family and friends while doing so.

7. Not Doing a Trial Run of Hair and Makeup

If you want to feel rest assured on the morning of your wedding day that your hairstyle and makeup is going to look perfect on you, then do a trial run with your stylist!

You may have ideas from pictures online and in magazines on the look for your hair and makeup that you want, but you want to try it out in advance so you make sure it’s a good fit for your hair type, skin tone, and your dress ensemble. Prepare for the trial run accordingly, and do a trial run right before your engagement photos, bridal shower, or before an engagement party to make the most of it!

So there you have it - seven tips that should help you avoid wedding week pitfalls. Remember to enjoy yourself and appreciate this day you have worked so hard on to make perfect.

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